What Is Mediumship?

I grew up in a spiritual household so talking to dead people was no big deal. But for others it can range from being a little confusing, cool, healing or outright weird. Whatever your view on it, that’s cool.

So, what is mediumship anyways?

Mediumship is the ability to connect to people who have crossed over. On an energetic level, it is like taking one step up on a staircase or going one floor up on an elevator. It is not that far away from where we are energetically. From all my experience with mediumship, you don’t really change all that much once you get over there. You are still you, just without all the crap. So that’s something to look forwards to! (or not…)

Some signs of spirit, are finding feathers or dimes (ask for one hundred dollar bills! Put ’em to work!), hearing a song or finding something that reminds you of them, seeing them in dreams, seeing someone that looks exactly like them out and about, butterflies and birds, feeling cold spots and knocking among many other things.

There are four ways that mediums receive information. They either hear it, see it, feel it or know it. They might hear a word, a song or have a conversation with spirit. They might see pictures or movies in their minds eye. They might feel how that person felt physically or emotionally. Or they just might know the information and they don’t know where it came from, which is kind of a weird one.

When I write songs with spirit, I will usually feel the emotions or them being near. I will usually hear what they want to say and I will just know where it comes out so fast that if I don’t write it down I will forget it. (This is why they give it to me line by line, I have to write it down first before they continue on…lol)

A great way to be more open, and pretty much one of the only ways, is through meditation. A simple meditation that you can do, that I love to use, is a candle meditation. Grab yourself a candle, put it in front of you, light it and gaze at the flame. Allow any thoughts to come and go. If you lose focus just bring it back to the flame. Start off with five minutes and work your way up to no longer than an hour. This is a great meditation to create focus and get into deeper states of mediation. Meditation in any form is great to open up in so many ways, especially creatively!







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